How Much Does it Cost to Put Up Gutters – Types and Prices

How Much Does it Cost to Put Up Gutters – Types and Prices


As you can imagine, to install gutters correctly does take a bit of a professional touch.  If a gutter system is installed incorrectly, both you and your home will suffer the consequences in the form of potential water damage, costly repairs, and yes, even a decrease in indoor air quality due to mold growth.  While the cost of gutter installation may not rise to the level of a complete roof overall, it still is something that can be a bit of a investment, especially for those living in the Arlington area.

Thankfully, there are many different types of gutters to choose from, and there is a very good chance that you as a home owner will find one that not only fits the needs of your home, but your budget as well.  Here are a few of the most common types of gutters on the market today, as well as their overall cost.  And of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call.  We’d be happy to discuss the various options with you.


Galvanized Aluminum Gutters

If you’re looking for a very versatile and cost effective gutter, one of the best choices on the market today is the galvanized aluminum gutter.  The price per foot ranges between $4 and $6, and occupy the “goldilocks” position when it comes to value – not too cheap, but still very affordable.

These gutters are known for their durability, and have been known to do double duty as fascia boards.  They also require very little maintenance through their lives.  They do well in a wide range of temperatures.  They are prone to cracking in areas of high temperature variation, and can get easily clogged with leaves.  But, with routine maintenance, or a properly installed gutter guard, clogging is a small worry overall.


Vinyl Gutters

If you truly want an affordable gutter that is a great choice for the hot summer weather in the Arlington area, you should definitely consider vinyl gutters.  The cost per foot is between $3.00 and $6.00, which makes them a great choice for budget minded families.  They also come with a wide variety of colors, so matching the overall look of your home shouldn’t be an issue.

One significant downfall of vinyl gutters is that they simply don’t do well in cold weather.  Temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit can easily cause them to snap.  So if you know your home is in a location where a wintry blast has been known to happen, you might want to consider other options.


Copper Gutters

When it comes to gutters, the true Rolls Royce of the industry has to be copper gutters.  And, like their auto counterpart, they do cost a good bit more.  In some cases, as much as $25.00 per foot.  But that added price does come with some advantages.  First, copper is one of the most durable material in the industry, and the gutters can last for much, much longer.  In addition, because they are made from metal, a portion is often made from recycled material.  So you actually use nearly 40% less then the cheaper alternatives.  But, since copper sells at a premium price, it also can be a target for thieves.  That fact is certainly something to consider, especially in the areas of Arlington that have a higher than normal crime rate.


Steel Gutters

Of course,  another option that most people living in the Arlington, MA region consider is steel gutters.  They aren’t quite as affordable as vinyl ones – they usually run about $8 per foot, but they are a great choice if your house is surrounded by plenty of trees like pine trees or experiences heavy storms during the year.  Unlike their more lightweight counterparts, they can withstand a lot of weight.  They also require less cleaning overall.  One major disadvantage is that they will rust over time, so be sure to keep checking them for signs of oxidation after installation.


Installation Costs

Of course, the linear cost of the gutters isn’t the only cost you have to consider, especially if you want the gutters to be correctly installed by a professional.  There is the installation cost as well.  Most reputable roofing companies will charge you a per foot cost for the gutter materials, plus the cost of labor.  In most cases, installing gutters on a home should take about two to five hours to complete from start to finish, with favorable conditions.  It may take longer if complications arise.  You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $95 per hour for labor.  So for example, if one hundred feet of aluminum gutters are being installed on your home, and the whole process takes three hours to complete, you can expect to pay between $150 and $285 for labor and $400 and $600 for materials.  There is likely also going to be a cost for the removal of the old gutters, which can range between $80 and $120.  The total cost should be somewhere between $620 and $1,005 plus taxes