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The quality of your home’s roof hugely determines the value of the property, experts agree. You can keep the value of your home on an upward trend by ensuring proper roofing repairs and maintenance. According to Consumer Reports, one of the top five items that increase the worth of your home is the condition and quality of the roof. If you think that this amount is insubstantial, think again.

While a leaking or damaged roof that needs to be replaced can cause you a lot of stress, knowing that your roof is in an excellent state will definitely ease your mind. The elimination of the worry and stress associated with the roofing process is our responsibility at Farina Roofing as a leading residential roofing contractor in Arlington, MA. Starting with the initial evaluation, right through to the site clean up after the project, we offer friendly customer service.

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You Roofing is More Than Just a Roof!

  •  A roof can only be efficient and durable when each and every element links well. We also cater to other roofing elements influencing the longevity and strength of your roof during our roof installation, repair and inspection work. We work on the chimney flashing to ensure that it is not only reliable but can also be able to keep water and moisture from leaking through the roof and into your home. You roof faces a serious risk of damage if a piece of the metal flashing falls out of place.
  • The gutter system is the unsung hero of the roof. This system helps divert water away from your home’s foundation after collecting it from the roof. We can also repair or even replace the gutter system after conducting our standard inspection.


We Are More Than Just Your  Roofing Contractor

  • Farina Roofing have  served homeowners in Arlington, MA for more than 30 years.
  • We have mastered the intricate details of each roofing type. Thanks to the thorough training each of our roofer undergoes.
  • We are a skilled team of residential roofing contractor in Arlington, MA who only uses top quality materials from trusted manufacturers. We specialize in clay, shingle, rubber roofs, wood single pitched, slate and flat roofs.
  • To us, a roof can only be effective and long lasting when each and every element does its job, this is why we also conduct chimney brickwork, flashing, fascia and gutter-work repair and replacement.
  • To ensure that your home will never be exposed to external elements, regardless of the time or day, we offer 24/7 emergency roof repair services.
  • With friendly customer assistance, we promise to deliver the best roof and gutter system services offering the best exterior repair and maintenance.
  • Each project is unique, and we customize our services to meet the specific needs of the job at hand.
  • We are your local go-to commercial and residential roofing experts in Arlington, MA.
  •  While ensuring quality, we do all your roofing projects at pocket friendly prices.
  • You will be getting the services of the best residential roofing contractor Arlington, MA has, at the very least.


For more information or a Free Estimate, you may call RB Farina Roofing at (781) 648-5446. For a personal consultation, you may also visit us at 8709, 123 Thorndike St, Arlington, MA 02474. Contact Us Today!