What Does It Cost To Replace A Roof?

What Does It Cost To Replace A Roof?

On average across the country, a person will spend a little under $8,000 when installing a new roof. The range can be anywhere from about $5,000 up to a little over $10,000. As you would expect there are some cities where the average is a bit higher such as Denver where it typically costs in the range of $9,000 or more. There are other cities like Austin Texas where the price might be a bit less and in the range of about $7,000.

Roofs are an essential aspect of a home that serves to shelter you from the outside weather. Keeping your roof in good condition is an investment that can help your home maintain its value. For this reason, even when you need to invest several thousand dollars on your roof there is a good reason for doing so. It takes a lot to keep the roof in good condition.

Discover The Price Of Installing Or Replacing A Roof

Below we will dive deep into the prices of installing and maintaining your roof. When you start looking for the right roofing company you’ll want to get at least three or four professional companies to give you a quote so that you have a good understanding of the range in prices. There can be as much as $2,000 to $3,000 difference between the quotes. You can get a roof inspector to examine your roof for $100 to $300 to help you determine if you really do need your roof replaced.

You might find that you don’t need to have your roof totally replaced and for that reason, we will also take a look at repair costs. If you get a handyman for this, the rates can vary significantly depending on the handyman you get and the particular market that you’re in. A man or woman who is handy and skilled at a variety of jobs is often called the handyman. There are many jurisdictions that require having a license to do this type of work and that includes those who consider themselves a jack-of-all-trades. Even if they are only providing minor repairs they should usually be licensed and insured.

Cost Of A New Roof

Even though the new roof can cost you between $5,000 up to $10,000 you might get an initial quote for as little as $3,000 from a contractor. Those types of prices are often given on the phone so that they can then come out and inspect your home at which time they are likely to give you a quote of $6,000 up to $8,000. That quote may not include other costs the contractor could tack on if he runs into hassles that were unexpected. Some of these problems could include issues with gutters, ventilation, chimneys, etc. These factors can drive up the final price you have to pay.

Some problems that the contractor might find include a need to remove extra layers or to repair chimneys that are leaking or skylight flashings. There may be issues with the pitch that make the roof more difficult or it may slope. If the roof has been damaged by weather or mold or for some reason is difficult to remove, these are all conditions that make the costs more.

Cost Of Replacing The Garage Roof

The size of the garage will play a significant role in determining its costs. Whether you have a 1 car, two car, or three car garage, the size can range from a low of 250 square feet all the way up to a thousand square feet or more. The type of material that you want to use for your roof will also play a part in determining its cost. You might choose asphalt, metal, or other material.

Replacing The Roof On Your Townhouse

Most Townhomes will have a homeowners association that has particular regulations. If your townhome is 3 stories or more, the labor will be extra. Because of the HOA, there is likely to be a limitation on the options you can select for your roof.

How Much Will It Cost To Reroof A House?

Reroofing can sometimes be as much as putting on a new roof and this means the cost can go up to over $10,000. Even so, the average reroofing cost is about $7,500. The price is subject to fluctuate depending on a number of different factors.

Some of these factors can include the type of material that you choose, how many layers need to be removed, particular code requirements in your area and others. It can also cause the cost to go up if there are chimneys and skylights or other features that make the work more complex. When you have someone out to give you an estimate you want to know how much per square that they are charging. A roofing square is typically 100 square feet.

The Price Is Largely Dependent On The Per Square Rate

If you live in particularly hot or cold climates then it may be necessary to add some protective elements. It will likely be necessary to remove waste and of course, labor and roofing prices will be dependent on the time and area. All of these factors will play a role in determining the final price.

How Much Will It Cost If I Have To Tear Off And Completely Replace My Roof?

$1 up to $5 per square foot is a common price for roof removal. The total job might run anywhere from $1,000 up to over $1,500. Depending on the contractor you get, they may choose to charge an hourly rate and this can range anywhere from $40 up to $80 per hour. If you have timber that is rotting and you want that replaced then the price can be more and in some cases several thousand dollars more.

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