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Slate roofing has been used for over one thousand years on properties. This roofing method was used by Europeans in the USA and continues to be used today as nothing else matches the aesthetics, durability and fireproof qualities of slate. This is one of the reasons why many roofing companies continue to offer slate roofing services.

As a premier slate roofing contractor in Arlingon, Ma, Farina Roofing is able to handle any type of slate roof installation on any property. With the largest stock of repurposed slate in the country, our company can match almost all slate roofs regardless of whether you require a renovation, repair or new installation. In fact, we are one of the most popular companies to call when dealing with the repair of large sections damaged by storm, fire, wind or other natural elements.


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Slate Roofing Potential Problems

Despite the high quality of slate, this material can present with several problems particularly when the transitions and protrusions are not handled correctly. In these instances, the areas tend to leak. Common challenges in these cases include:

  • poor or low-quality slate installation where the slate is found at a low-quality quarry. A large percentage of imported slate is sold by low-priced brokers
  • long expanses of metal without any control joint
  • over and undernailing
  • incorrect headlap and or sidelap
  • the use of caulks and asphalt in a manner that backs up and traps water flow
  • poor installation of apron, step and counterflashing
  • soldering joints that are not cleaned, well-soldered and neutralized, particularly at the critical points
  • the appearance of hairline cracks caused by increased traffic during installation
  • the incorrect nails being used
  • installation of the incorrect underlayment

Contrary to popular belief, not all slate roofs are the same. It is vital that you are aware of this fact, and our specialist technicians can explain the difference between the roofs to you. A 100+ year slate roof exists only with the correct materials, design, technical skills and knowledge of the procedure to install the roof accurately.


How Farina Roofing Solve It?

Farina Roofing, as expert slate roofing contractor in Arlington, MA, use only the best materials and techniques. It is essential that we utilize high-quality slate for all installations. For any installations using new slate, we opt to use the highest quality time-tested slate from trusted manufacturers. A combination of expert flashing installation and design, high-quality slate, correct soldering, correct laying and underlaying with the necessary fastening produces an aesthetically pleasing roof that will last for a long time.

Cutting corners on any one of these factors can shorten the life span of a slate roof. We have replaced numerous slate roofs that were less than 10 years old because one or more of these factors were lacking. Though relatively appealing, many imported slates are of such poor quality that they start deteriorating and crushing apart within a few years after installation.


All of the slate roofing projects that we do benefit from our more than 30 years experience in order to produce the best slate roofing contractor Arlington, MA could offer.  We specialized in flat roof, pitched shingle, and slate roofs repair. We provide the most watertight surface that is possible on our customer’s commercial building or residential roofing. We are available 24/7 for roofing emergencies, repairs or replacements.


For more information or a Free Estimate, you may call RB Farina Roofing at (781) 648-5446. For a personal consultation, you may also visit us at 8709, 123 Thorndike St, Arlington, MA 02474. Contact Us Today!