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Flat roofs are available in a large number of different roofing styles of condo buildings, apartments, and commercial buildings in the Arlington, MA area. Flat roofs are the ideal fit for many architectural styles and provide urban buildings with some very valuable added space. Also, they create some unique and distinct issues that you will be faced with whenever you need to deal with a flat roof’s repairs and maintenance.

Flat roofs have a tendency to deteriorate more quickly than a shingled roof does. This is due to the fact that this type of roof does not have a pitch and therefore water puddles on top of the roof. Many manufacturing warranties for flat roofs only last for 5 to 10 years, due to the expected wear and tear from snow, ice, and water remaining for extended amounts of time on the surface.  This is when you need the best flat roofing contractor in Arlington, MA.

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Common Flat Roofing Problems

Most of the distinct issues that come with flat roofing systems are due to the fact that these roofs are flat. They need to be constructed with a subtle slop to facilitate the runoff of snowmelt and rain.

There are several kinds of membranes that cover flat roofs. These are waterproof, overlapping sheaths that work together in order to prevent water from reach the structural elements as well as personal belongings of the building’s occupants. The points where the various membrane sheets meet and the flashing are points where leaks often occur.

How Farina Roofing Solves Your Flat Roofing Problems

Flat Roof Replacement

A flat roof will need to be replaced every 30 years or so, or whenever there is any moisture contained in a roof’s layers, and will often result in cracks or loose flashing. Other signs that a flat roof needs to be replaced include a hearing a fluttering noise when there are strong winds. That is an indication that the roof’s top layer is breached and now the lower layers will be vulnerable to becoming water damaged.

We are you go-to flat roofing contractor in Arlington, MA specializing in full-service flat roof installations and replacements, including asphalt shingle tear-offs, rubber roofs, as well as Spanish clay tile and specialty slate stone roofing projects.

Flat Roof Maintenance and Inspection

Due to inherent weak points where the flashing points and various membrane sheets meet, it is critical to stay on top of maintaining and inspecting your roof. After it rains, your roof should be checked for puddles, and also listen for any flapping noises in the winds that may be an indication of a loose membrane sheet.

Discovering a problem early one may allow us to apply some maintenance methods to your flat roof, instead of having to perform an expensive repair. If you neglect maintenance issues, the damage might progress unless it turns into an emergency situation where your entire roof will need to replaced and any interior damage will need to be repaired as well.

We Are Flat Roofing Specialists

Here at Farina Roofing, our specialty is flat rubber roofing. Whether it is an APP torch down or SBS rubber roof installation on your attached property, row house, townhouse or brownstone, our expert roofing craftsmen all are experienced and specially trained to handle all of your flat roofing needs. Depending on the state of your flat roof, we might do a layover or tear-off to provide you with a durable flat roof.

All of the flat roofing projects that we do benefit from our more than 30 years experience in order to produce the best flat roofing contractor Arlington, MA could offer. We provide the most watertight surface that is possible on our customer’s commercial building or residential roofing. We offer a warranty on the waterproofing on a flat roof for the materials lifetime.


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