Shingle Roof Life Expectancy

Shingle Roof Life Expectancy

Shingle Roof Life Expectancy

Your roofing system is a large architectural component in your house. Its main roles are to give the remainder of your residential property protection from the outside components, particularly the rain, snow, and hail storms, and various other kinds of debris that can harm the framework of your residence. Additionally, it protects against pests from easily entering your house or damaging outside framework. Finally, it also keeps your home warm throughout the winters while maintaining the heat during the summertime. This way, it operates in preserving power inside your residence in order to keep a comfortable setting for you as well as your family members.

cedar shingle roof life expectancy

There are many sorts of roofing that you can select for your house. With nearly an endless supply of options on the market, the majority of property owners opt for what is popular or stylish in their area or for something that is a more economical option. A more popular selection is making use of cedar shingles.

The thing that makes shakes and shingles separate is actually the methods used in the manufacturing and processing of these 2 products. There is also a difference between how shakes and shingles are installed. 

However, cedar shingles can set you back than other options. While it can most definitely help you make your house look more appealing, a lot of property owners worry about the actual worth and expenses when getting cedar shingles. The main problem that you may face is wondering how long your investment on obtaining those costly cedar shingles would really last.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles are wood tiles. Hence, they are an all-natural and sustainable product that is eco-friendly. One of the great things about cedar shingles is that it functions as a fantastic house insulator while still offering good airflow and ventilation. Over time, you can really save up on heating & cooling bills if your roofing system is properly kept.


Typically, property owners can expect a cedar shingle roof to last between 30 to 40 years, especially with the climate in Arlington MA. A few variables that can reduce the long life of your roof include the environment and direct exposure to salt water. Apart from those major variables, there are also other things that can either make your roof covering last longer or wear away much faster.

Quality of Installation

When cedar shingles are not set up by the right professionals, they are likely to only last you a couple of years as well as even a few months if done by an unskilled roofer. Only the most effective setup will guarantee an optimum life expectancy for your shingle roof. Sealing has to be done well since any type of gaps or spaces would enable moisture to enter which would likely create damages to the inner roofing frameworks. Avoiding that from occurring is what identifies an expert roofing contractor from an amateur.

Maintenance and Treatment

Post-installation of your cedar shingles, using a great coat of paint or waterproofing layer works in safeguarding your roof covering from ecological damage. The best contractor should be able to aid you in picking out the most effective sealer for your roof covering. A usual mistake that most homeowners make is not prioritizing roof upkeep after installment. Prevent this by establishing an annual roof evaluation.

Water Damages

The primary root cause of roofing damages is accumulated moisture. This can cause serious architectural damage to your roof deck and also even your residence’s internal support. Nonetheless, the right setup and proper installation, you can prevent needing to fix those costly damages. But, you should constantly keep an eye out for any type of indicators of dripping or warping on the ceiling since these are some of the earliest signs that there are damages to your roof. Stay clear of leaving these repair services until later on, given that the more damage, the greater the price for repair over time.

Wood Rotting

Wood rot happens when moisture enters within the roofing system and also begins to trigger decay due to fungal growth. Cedar is normally immune to this but this does not suggest the interior wood frames of your home aren’t. Due to the fact that this growth is caused by dampness, you are most likely to have this when indications of water damage are apparent. Get your specialist to inspect your roof support just to be safe.


Depending on where you obtained your cedar shingles, you may be able to take advantage of a  30-year service warranty. Contact your service provider and also the manufacturer to check. These service warranties usually cover roofing materials for the offered time frame as well as if you need any kind of repair services within that time, you can save a great deal in regards to material cost. However, insurance coverage constantly varies per product as well as per company so you need to determine what the specific incorporations and exclusions of the service warranty are.

The typical life-span of your cedar shingles certainly depends upon just how it is set up, as well as exactly how you maintain it. With the right products, best roofers, your shingle roofing in Arlington MA can last you well over 4 decades.

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