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It is definitely well worth it to protect the investment you have made in your commercial building. Whether you own an apartment building or mom and pop store, it is a significant portion of your overall financial portfolio. As the prices of real estate continue their recovery, the values continue to increase by significant amounts each year. Do not allow a bad roof to cause your property to depreciate. Instead, invest in a roof to increase the value.

When you are in charge or own a building, or even a commercial roofer in Arlington, MA are responsible for its care and maintenance and not just protecting its financial investment. The buildings in Arlington, MA are an integral part of the community that makes us great. No matter how old a building is, the fact that is part of our amazing city makes its value and worthwhile making the investment.


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Your Commercial Roofing Options

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing. This roofing option is eco-friendly and is well suited for manufacturing commercial and industrial facilities. Call SPF for short, Spray Polyurethane Foam is sprayed as a type of liquid that expands to foam and creates a solid layer that goes over the existing roof on your commercial building.

Single-Ply Membrane Roofing. This is a proven roofing option that has been time-tested for use in industrial, manufacturing and commercial buildings. Single-Ply Membranes are sheets that are made out of synthetics and rubber that may be chemically adhered, mechanically fastened or ballasted to the insulation to create a protective layer for your commercial building.

Metal Roofing. A metal roof is among oldest types of commercial roofing systems that are available. Corrugated galvanized steel is used by a majority of metal roofing systems but other materials like tin or aluminum may be used as well.

Shingle Roofing. Although shingles are best known for their use on residential and home roofs, they are used as well in steep slope commercial roof applications. There are a number of different materials that shingles are made out of, which include slats, wood, plastic, metal, composite materials like asphalt and ceramic.

Built-Up Roofing. This type of roofing system has been used for more than 100 years in the United States. The roof systems are called “tar and gravel” roofs most commonly. You can select the number of layers (also called plies) that you want to install. The final layer on a built-up roofing system is made out of gravel or stone.

Your Commercial Roofing Specialist

Farina Roofing Can Do All Types of Commercial Roofing. As an expert commercial roofer in Arlington, MA, we can replace and   repair every type of roof you can imagine. We handle every kind of flat and singled pitched roof, which includes slate tiles and asphalt shingles, We also do replacements and tear-offs and layer-over roofing services. We make sure that the underlayers can handle the job so that your roof can last for decades to come.

Farina Roofing Only Uses Quality Materials. A flat roof is made out of TPO, EPDM, APP, or SBD modified bitumen. We service all of those types of roofing materials and we only source from trusted roofing manufacturers like CertainTeed, LandMark, GAF, Timberline, Owens Corning, among others,

Farina Roofing are Commercial Roofing Professionals. You will be working with the best commercial roofer in the Arlington, MA area with more than 30 years of  commercial roofing experience. We customize our services for each client and business roofing project that we work on. And we do all of that while providing the best prices possible without making any compromises on quality.



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