CertainTeed SureStart Protection | RB Farina Roofing Co

CertainTeed SureStart Protection | RB Farina Roofing Co


If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, there is probably many questions racing through your mind.  How much will it cost?  How can I be sure to get the best value?  What happens if something goes wrong during installation?  How can I be sure that my roof will last for the long haul?  All these questions are ones that you should be asking, and finding the best roofing company that can help you get the answers you need, and want is certainly part of the process.

The SureStart Protection Warranty– Coverage for Both Labor and Materials

A new roof, especially one created with high quality shingles, is an investment.  Depending on the size and complex nature of your home, a new roof can cost between ten and twenty thousand dollars – not a  small amount for any budget, especially in Arlington, Massachusetts.  That’s why having a great warranty on both the labor and materials used is vital.  It’s also the main reason why Farina Roofing offers CertainTeed SureStart Protection Warranty, one of the best in the industry.  Combine that with our commitment to providing you with the best service and exemplary workmanship, you have a combination that simply can’t be beat.

When it comes to high quality products, the CertainTeed brand is committed to providing their customers with the very best.  The SureStart warranty is just another way that their commitment shines through.  The SureStart warranty provides coverage during the early years of the life of your roof – either three, five, or ten years.  And the coverage is complete – covering both the cost of materials and labor – something that is nearly unheard of with other brands.  That’s how certain this manufacturer is of their product and the people that install them.  And here’s another fantastic thing; unlike other warranties on the market today, the CertainTeed SureStart Warranty is never prorated, and it can be transferred from one owner to the next.

CertainTeed Certified Roofing Contractor  – at Farina Roofing, We’ve Got You Covered

Now this all sounds great, right?  But at Farina Roofing, we knew that we had to do better for our customers in the Arlington Massachusetts area.  We know that not everyone is sold on the idea of using CertainTeed Roofing Products.  So with a bit of hard work, experience and training, we became Certified Roofing Contractor when using CertainTeed materials.  To be certified in the means that Farina Roofing has undergone extensive ongoing training and  has proven that they are reliable, trustworthy and perform work to the absolute highest standards in the industry.

So why is the fact that Farina Roofing is a CertainTeed Certified Roofing Contractor so important?  It’s simple really.  We can offer you more, including the SureStart Roofing Warranty, one of the best warranties in the roofing industry.

So honestly, it doesn’t matter if you wish to use either one of these high quality manufacturers for the materials for your new roof.  Either way, we’ve got your roof, and your back, covered.